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> Advanced solutions
At Bunker World, we have created the most advanced solutions in custom panic rooms and bunkers for our valued clients. Our bunkers offer total effectiveness and resilience against chemical, biological, nuclear, and, of course, criminal attacks.

We take pride in introducing to you a steel shelter specifically designed to stay underground, with dimensions of 15m2 and the capacity to accommodate up to 4 people.
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Protection against nuclear disasters

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Natural Disasters

Resilience against natural disasters



Protection against chemical or biological attacks (pandemics)

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Bomb shelter

> Quality Facilities
Upon entering the bunker through our security door, you will be greeted by top-notch facilities. Starting from the certified decontamination area equipped with all the necessary elements for effective decontamination. Moving on to the rest area, you will find a fully equipped kitchen with a sink, electric stove, and spacious cabinets for food storage. The entire room is constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and resilience.

The rest area, designed for 4 people, features foldable bunk beds, storage shelves, and tables to maintain maximum comfort at all times.

In terms of functionality, the bunker is equipped with an LED lighting system, a clean and waste water system designed to connect to your property’s utilities, and seamless communication with the outside through telephone, WiFi, and TV.
A key element in all our bunkers is the Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear CBRN ventilation system, which includes explosion and overpressure valves to ensure proper air circulation at all times.

Our bunkers are designed for quick installation and transportation to the location where you wish to install them, and our team will provide construction oversight for the bunker’s installation. We offer our customers the option to adapt the bunker’s entrances and exits for individuals with reduced mobility.

Are you concerned about the safety of your loved ones? We care as much as you do! Click here and let us take care of everything. At Bunker World, we will make sure you get the secure and reliable shelter you need for peace of mind in any situation.



We offer auxiliary equipment to minimize the risks of potential supply cuts and to operate our bunker independently
  • Diesel light generator.
  • Solar panels with a battery.
  • Water tank.
  • Septic tank.
  • Fosa séptica.
We can also equip your bunker with a survival kit for indoor and possible outdoor use.
  • Full hazmat suit with protection against chemical and CBRN agents, cat III, EN14126, equipped with mask, filters, and everything needed for outdoor use.
  • Medical kit, first aid.
  • Portable communication kit.
  • Nuclear radiation detector.

BUNKER WORLD is your customized solution for the protection and security of your home.
Buying a bunker has never been so easy.